Marley Spoon

I ordered Marley Spoon for five meals for four people. I chose two seafood, two beef and one chicken meal.

The cost was $180.29 including delivery. This was for four people for five days. Cost per person was $9.02.
To compare it to going to the store either Woolworths Or Coles I have included a spreadsheet showing pricing.
The Delivery arrived in the time frame that said it would. I received a text to say it was there

Opening the box

Five meal kits with the pantry items in them. They have the name of the meal on the front.

After I took the bags out there were two foil insulated bags with ice packs in them. These Held the refrigerated items in them.

This is the five kits with the cold products out of the foil insulated bags.
The first meal which was Easy Grilled Beef Steaks and the ingredients supplied for it.
The second meal was Honey Cumin Chicken
Marley Spoon Honey Cumin Chicken Meal Prep
The third meal was Reduced carbs Crispy Barramundi
The fourth meal was Slow Cooked Beef Redang
Marley Spoon Slow Cooked Beef Rendang
The fifth meal was Salmon with Garlic and Herb Butter.
This is the meat, seafood and chicken supplied for the meals I had chosen.

The chicken was organic, the Salmon from Tasmania, the barramundi was From Vietnam and the beef was from Australia.
This was the completed kit supplied for my order.

First one I cooked was the Honey and Cumin Chicken.

No zucchini supplied it was Replaced with capsicums.

The recipe card showed corn from the cob but this was replaced with a tin of corn.

I found the marinade was hard to adhere to the chicken.

I supplied Honey and oil for this recipe. Instructions were clear.

Vegetables ready to go in.

Chicken is in the marinade and the Yoghurt sauce is made.

Finished product.

I think it would have looked better with zucchini and corn off the cob.



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